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Ask the PrEPducator “Ask the PrEPducator” and the @PrEPducator social media profiles are extensions of the JWCH Institute PrEP Education Program. To find out more about the program and how to access PrEP in Los Angeles, visit Dear PrEPducator,   I love sex, and sometimes things happen and I forget to put on a condom in the heat of the moment. I get tested regularly to keep track of my health, but lately I’ve been interested in going on PrEP to help protect my negative HIV-status. The thing is though, I’m nervous about side effects and the safety of

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Common Signs of Zinc Deficiency

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Zinc Deficiency Signs Can Be Serious: • Stunted Development • Impaired immune function • Delayed wound healing • Negative effects on prostate, eyes, and even sense of taste and smell Groups Most at Risk: • Vegetarians • Older adults • Pregnant women • Exclusively breastfed infants Quick Facts: • Zinc is required for proper DNA synthesis, cell division, and cell turnover. • Our immune system’s ability to fight infections and heal wounds partially depends on zinc. • Zinc has potential antioxidant activity, protects our eyes from damage, plays a role in our learning and behavior, and may even affect one’s

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